PW Coupon Code 2025 Batch – Yakeen 2.0, Arjuna, Lakshya, Prayas and More

PW Coupon Code 2025 Batch – Yakeen 2.0, Arjuna, Lakshya, Prayas:

If yes, then you might be looking for the best courses to crack JEE exam and get your dream IIT. You can go for PW course. They have affordable courses as well as great teachers. If you want to save more money on PW JEE courses, we have a special offer for you.

For example: (Arjun, Lakshya, Sarthak, Prayas and any batch). In this blog post, we will share Physicswala’s special coupon code for maximum discount. Some coupons are only valid for a limited time, so use them immediately. With these courses PW, you can strengthen your preparation and score higher marks in JEE. Moreover, these coupon codes will also give you a proper incentive for your hard work.

PW JEE BatchesCoupon Code
Arjuna JEE 2025HM150
Arjuna JEE Hindi 2025HM150
Arjuna JEE 2.0 2025HM150
Arjuna JEE 3.0 2025HM150
Lakshya JEE 2025HM150
PW Yakeen 2.0 Coupon CodeHM150
Lakshya JEE Hindi 2025HM150
Lakshya JEE 2.0 2025HM150
Lakshya JEE 3.0 2025HM150
Prayash JEE 2025HM150
Prayash JEE Hindi 2025HM150
Payash JEE 2.0 2025HM150
Prayash JEE 3.0 2025HM150
PW Coupon CodeHM150

How to Apply PW Batch Coupon Code?

  • Go to Physics website or app.
  • Select your desired batch, like Arjun JEE, Lakshya JEE, or Prayas JEE.
  • During the checkout process, look for the option to enter a coupon code.
  • Enter coupon code “HM150” in the given field.
  • Click “Apply” or “Redeem” to activate the discount.
  • After the coupon is successfully applied, you will see the discounted value in the total amount.
  • Complete the payment process, and you are ready to start your JEE preparation at a discounted rate!

And the best part? You can get an incredible discount of up to 50% with our special coupon code HM150!

Yes, you read it right. Just use coupon code HM150 at checkout and get huge savings on all PW JEE batches like Arjun JEE, Lakshya JEE, and Prayas JEE.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Start your JEE preparation now with Physics wallah and turn your dreams into reality. This opportunity is precious, don’t let it go. Hurry up, get your discount today and take the first step towards a bright future!

PW Other Batch Coupon Code

PW JEE Course NameCoupon Code
Arjuna KCET 20258287JKXY
Arjuna JEE Gujarati 20258287JKXY
Arjuna JEE 20258287JKXY
Prayas JEE 20258287JKXY
Prayas JEE Hindi 20258287JKXY
Arjuna JEE Hindi 20258287JKXY
Lakshya MHTCET 20258287JKXY
Lakshya KCET 20258287JKXY
Lakshya JEE Gujarati 20258287JKXY
Lakshya Bangla (WBJEE+Biology) 20258287JKXY
Arjuna JEE 2025 + Lakshya JEE 20268287JKXY
Lakshya JEE 20258287JKXY
Lakshya JEE Hindi 20258287JKXY
Sarthak KCET Crash Course 2.08287JKXY
Sarthak MHT-CET Crash Course 2.08287JKXY
Sarthak MHT-CET Fastrack 20248287JKXY
Sarthak KCET Fastrack 20248287JKXY
JEE Ultimate Crash Course 20248287JKXY
Board Booster Maharashtra 12th 20248287JKXY
Board Booster Gujarati 12th 20248287JKXY
Arjuna JEE 4.0 20248287JKXY
Board Booster 12th English 20248287JKXY
Sarthak KCET Crash Course 20248287JKXY
Sarthak MHT-CET Crash Course 20248287JKXY
Varun Advanced 20248287JKXY
JEE Ultimate Crash Course 2.0 20248287JKXY
Prayas JEE Fastrack 20248287JKXY
Lakshya JEE Fastrack 20248287JKXY
Arjuna JEE Fastrack 20248287JKXY
Prayas JEE 3.0 20248287JKXY
Prayas JEE 20248287JKXY
Prayas JEE Hindi 20248287JKXY
Lakshya JEE 3.0 20248287JKXY
Lakshya JEE 2.0 20248287JKXY
Lakshya JEE 20248287JKXY
Arjuna JEE 3.0 20248287JKXY
Arjuna JEE 20248287JKXY
Prayas JEE D2 20248287JKXY
Pathshala JEE Fastrack Course8287JKXY
Pathshala 11th JEE 20258287JKXY
Pathshala 12th JEE 20248287JKXY
Arjuna JEE D2 20258287JKXY
Lakshya JEE D2 20248287JKXY
Rankers JEE Test Series 2023 Offline8287JKXY

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